Senior Skip Day debuts

a new Christmas Single.

by Jackson Davis | Updated Dec 27, 2023

This article details local band Senior Skip Day (SSD) and their recent accomplishments.

Information gathered from a conference with the members.

What is Senior Skip Day?

Senior Skip Day is a local band born from Perry GA, USA. Its members are made up of a group of friends who met both online and

through high school. They record and perform original music both online and in person. Though they have only recently

recieved attention locally, they have actually been active since May of 2023. We spoke with the members Keegan Parker

and Jacob Rodriguez, but all told, Senior Skip Day has five members: Spence Peters, Dylan Little, and Evan Zammit.

Except for Dylan Little, who attended Houston County High School, all members attended Perry High School.


As bandmate Jacob Rodriguez explained, "...For a majority of our time spent making music we had no ambition about numbers,

it was a way to keep our friend group strong, and as we spent more time together, the music got better too."

Both of the Senior Skip Days members we spoke to seemed proud of their recent endevors, yet largely surprised.

As a niche community online began to form, they have recieved over hundreds of views, almost all from locals and

some state wide. Starting as friends and family, their music was shared via social media to a wider audience of locals

who are heralding the music. Officially, the only music released under their independant label is their Single "Feliz Navidad",

a cover of the popular Jose Feliciano holiday hit. The actual number of listeners is suspected to be more once the data

is tallied by all of the band's accounts and shared files. Keegan added, "Honestly really, we're all tickled by the idea that

that anyone other than our friend group even found it." Going on to later explain that their success is due in no small

part to the word of mouth generated by the community.

Where can you listen?

Senior Skip Day is available on many platforms, but I was assured by the members of the best places to go.

Jacob explained,"I recommend searching our Youtube Topic page or our Spotify page. We can't get metrics from all services,

but so far spotify and youtube have been the easiest to track. If we send links it's usually one of those."

That being said, they are also available on Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, the iTunes store and more.

Ending Remarks

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