Log 1 12/17/21

  1. Original Logo designed, I don't hate it as much as I thought I would.
  2. Landing Page Coded and Assigned Info.
  3. Archived Sites Page Coded and Two Sites Were Added, Including Cookie Clicker/ Piano and School Assignment sites, left in original state.
  4. Obligatory Rick Roll, Cha-Ching.
  5. Chatroom Page and Functionality has been added, but not all features are present. Currently, you can post but it won't be saved or seen.
  6. The Terms of Service has been drafted and all Sites have been given a small link towards the bottom of the page.
  7. The first DevLog was recorded, nice.

Log 2 12/19/21

  1. Catastrophic raid configuration error. Entire server down for ~6 Hours. (I accidentally deleted my current raid when installing additional drives).
  2. Remote Desktop Tool installed
  3. Started work on getting SSL (HTTPS) from CloudFlare. Currently a work in progress.
  4. Downtime ~6 Hours, Uptime ~18 Hours.
  5. 12 Potential Network Attacks Blocked

Log 3 12/26/21

  1. Finally getting back to work after a hiatus in Miami.
  2. Log In page coded on ride to Miami.
  3. Fixed Bug where chats wouldn't update on the local side. (Still not saved on server side or local side).
  4. You can now use the enter button to upload chats. (Exciting I know).
  5. Discord Join Link Fixed.
  6. Downtime ~1 Hour Uptime ~23 Hours
  7. Over 26 Network Attacks Blocked today, those Russians must really value my HTML files.

Log 4 12/27/21

  1. Chatroom data will now be stored in .JSON format instead of fiddling with some random Api.
  2. Minor Cosmetic changes to font size of buttons, list elements, and other minor elements were made.
  3. Log In page has Experimental Funny Genders Option.
  4. Log In page also has cosmetic placeholders (text) added to input boxes.
  5. I updated the Archived Sites page to include future updates. A Page revamp to properly display site data is coming soon (Drop Downs).
  6. I coded an Error 404 page, but I don't know how to cause an Error 404 and therefore have no clue if it works.

Log 5 3/14/22

  1. First Dev Log of 2022, whats with the Radio Silence? I took a break from the project, and the site even went down for a while due to name server errors.
  2. Added Minecraft Server and Join Page in the Archived Sites Tab.
  3. Added CSGO Server and Join Page in the Archived Sites Tab.
  4. Drew basic cover art for the Minecraft and CSGO pages.
  5. Added rules list to Minecraft Server page.
  6. I made a simple signiture CSS class for my name. -JROD
  7. I honestly didn't do much in all this time lol.

Log 6 7/8/22

  1. It's been a long, long time; you can't say I haven't been somewhat busy though.
  2. Added NFT page with custom NFTs (AS A JOKE).
  3. Garfield Kart Server exists, but I gave it little to no advertisement.
  4. I created two entire 'seasons' of minecraft servers since the last log, the newest is Modded.
  5. I created a faux Youtube browser that actually works.
  1. Now for the major update, THE SITE IS BEING ENTIRELY REVAMPED!
  2. A new login system was created and it technically works, but signup doesn't.
  3. An entirely new, entirely overhauled chatroom that is disfunctional :(.
  4. An overhauled homepage, with custom message and improved design.
  5. A completely different look for the header bar, now follows the page as you scroll.
  6. A nice improvement to the contact system: a dedicated page with phone dialer design.
  7. Minecraft Server page was given slight improvements and redesign.
  8. Created About page to accommodate server information services.
  9. Various pieces of art have been donated, those people such as AJ and Fantasy are credited ambiguously in hompage mission statement.
  1. The Following are a list of services that were redesigned, but largely unchanged:
  2. Terms of Service page.
  3. Youtube Browser.
  4. Dev Log.

*Thank you to my Dad and everyone who got me here, and especially to the people who use this site. Even if it's just to see what's new!*

Log 7 7/14/22

  1. I've updated the Games Catalog to include Three new titles!
    1. Halo: CE Server
    2. Chrome Dino Game
    3. Silly Cars
  2. Silly Cars has recieved Two updates. Beta v1.1 fixed game breaking bugs and added a Gauge Cluster system.
  3. Beta v2.2 Added the first power-up, "boost", and the boost gauge.
  4. CSGO page revived, service is not up, but be once Halo CE has died down considerably.
  5. NFT page was COMPLETELY redone. Previous design was literally useless.
  6. Old Sites and Pages were preserved for the sake of history.
  7. Games page now stores all items in row format to accommodate current and future games.
  8. Thank you to Joe and Dunbar for helping me get Silly Cars back!

Log 8 7/15/22

  1. A few notable changes to SillyCars...
  2. SillyCars Beta v1.3 has come out, the following are the changes.
  3. A new A.I. Car has been added, it's a Miata lol.
  4. The start of the race now has a cheesy countdown light.
  5. Automatic spectating system cycles through other cars when you finish.
  6. Minor A.I. pathfinding fixes.
  7. Corn has been removed since the last update, forgot to mention, this improved FPS.

Log 9 7/27/22

  1. A few MORE notable changes to SillyCars...
  2. SillyCars Beta v1.4 has released, the following are the changes I remember:
  3. Title screen should hopefully be the first scene!
  4. I've experimented heavily with the A.I. to make it more challenging.
  5. Pathfinding got further attention, there may be new bugs to iron out.
  6. Game overhaul! the following are the new games that were listed:
  7. Game Server: Garry's Mod.
  8. Game Server: Terraria.
  9. Flash Game (Converted): Ducklife.
  10. Flash Game (Converted): Papa's Pizzeria.
  11. Flash Game (Converted): Morb Sweeper.
  12. That totals FIVE new titles!
  13. After a long time where I just gave up, I'm attempting to get an HTTPS certificate.
  14. I don't want people sketched out by my website, even if I know there will be roughly no difference as far as security goes in my case.
  15. Weird update, but users have grown comfortable with the website. Some people even saying things like, "yeah, just check the website."
  16. It may seem ridiculous to mention that, but it used to be more like, "Oh, this isn't an IP grabber is it?"
  17. Minor cosmetic improvement to Game Catalog. Titles are now cenetered instead of aligned left.

Log 10 7/31/22

  1. A few MORE notable changes to SillyCars...
  2. HTTPS FUNCTIONALITY ADDED! No more sketchy website warnings!
  3. Many more games we loaded:
    1. Game Server: Garry's Mod
    2. Game Server: Team Fortress 2
    3. Flash Game: Bloxors
    4. HTML5 Game: Multiplayer Chess *Works*
    5. HTML5 Game: Awesome Tanks 2
    6. HTML5 Game: Doodle Jump
  4. Spence's Game is Available in Alpha v1.0

This update was a long time coming, it really solidifies a broader mission to make the website structured and friendly.

Log 11 8/13/22

  1. Flash games added:
    1. Rento (Monopoly).
    2. Parking Fury 2.
    3. Sift Heads 1.
  2. Game Server Added: Rust.
  3. NFT page was subtly improved: auto-play was disabled, layout changed.
  4. NFT added: 'Joey' made by Fantasy.
  5. Still Moving Alpha has its own dedicated page.
  6. Keyboard Mechanic now has a dedicated twitter.
  7. I don't know if I mentioned it, but terms of service page has a funny picture.

Log 12 9/1/22

  1. Still Moving Alpha 1.5 Coming Next Saturday!
  2. Keyboard Scholar school utility created!
    1. Discrete Mathematics Textbook.
    2. Python Programming Textbook.
    3. Norton World Literature Volume One.
    4. Norton World Literature Volume Two.
    5. Swords Link.
    6. Brightspace/D2L Link.
    7. Office 365 Link.
    8. Google Docs Link.
  3. Footers added to every page!
  4. Articls Tab Created!
    1. "Hosting Flashgames in 2022" article written.
  5. Imgur deleted all of my photos, had to restart.
  6. YellingBox Chatroom finally works!
  7. Many filepaths were replaced with links so they'll work regardless of file location.
  8. Most images were given alt text.
  9. New Sitemap uploaded.
  10. Custom Rust Map.

Log 13 11/2/22

  1. Working Chatrooms, powered by DeadSimpleChat.
  2. NFT page formatting issues corrected.
  3. A second article is being produced: OBS vs the Competition, What's best for you?
  4. 16 Emulated Titles added and supported in browser:
    1. Super Smash Bros., N64.
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega Master System.
    3. Pokemon White, DS.
    4. Super Mario World, SNES.
    5. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, N64.
    6. Super Mario 64, n64.
    7. Pokemon Red, Gameboy.
    8. Mario Kart DS, DS.
    9. Super Mario Bros. 3, NES.
    10. Crash Team Racing, Playstation.
    11. Mappy, NES.
    12. Chronotrigger, SNES.
    13. Super Mario Kart, SNES.
    14. Donkey Kong Country, SNES.
    15. 007 Goldeneye, N64.
    16. Pacman, NES.
  5. Super Smash Flash, Flash Game.
  6. Uno Multiplayer, Flash Game.
  7. Four Colors, Flash Game.
  8. HomeStuck, Joke.
  9. Spider Solitaire, Flash Game.
  10. Plants vs Zombies, Flash Game.
  11. Minecraft, Flash Game.
  12. Tetris, Flash Game.
  13. Flash Game logos updated with backgrounds.
  14. Discord Widget added to about page.
  15. Rounded border was applied to game page icons.
  16. Still Moving game page was improved.
  17. SCP Security Breach Multiplayer Server added!

Honorable Mentions:

  1. RTMP Streaming capabilities are now possible!
  2. Now Hosting Multiple Minecraft Servers.
  3. Virtual environments and NAT capabilities added.
  4. A third Server Rack for more projects in the future.
  5. WebRTC is being investigated for "Live Calling".